Season 3 Scandal Premiere!!! Gladiators Unite!!

Season 3 Scandal Premiere!!! Gladiators Unite!!

So everybody who has an ounce of life in them knows that Scandal season 3 started last night! Olivia Pope and Associates (Gladiators in suits) aired on ABC at 10 p.m. having everyone glued to the television. Rather you watched it at home, on the internet, or went to a Scandal party this scandalous plot keeps you on the edge of your seat. Episode 1 titled “Its handled” didn’t disappoint. The end of Season 2 ended with Olivia’s name being linked to the president’s affair. So of course the kickoff show will be them dealing with it and also a surprise surprise allegiance is formed. Olivia’s father, Rowan also jumped on the scene showing that he had a plan and no one was going to stand in his way not even little ol’ Olivia!! I’m sure this season will be just as jaw dropping as the last. The next episode will entail snippets and flashbacks of Olivia’s childhood and the falling out of her father along with making good with the news of her and Fitz dirty little secret. I guess since I’m in a house with a “Gladiator” I don’t have a choice but to join the club….. I have mixed emotions about the show. I just recently in this last week crammed to be up-to-date and yeaaa let’s just say I played Candy Crush to pass the time. I will continue to watch though simply because I really want to know if Fitz is going to leave “Mad Mille” for the “Mistress.” We all know that never happens lol. I’m more interested in Millie than Olivia, but they both are some bad b!tch@s. Olivia and her coats are just everything!! She may not get the man but she definitely will get my vote for best dressed!


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