“Catfish” star Dee Pimpin video “Stunnaz”

In case you were checking for her….. Dee Pimpin was on 106 and Park today and had her first video debut to her highly anticipated……. ummm song. This girl has been all over the internet since her episode of “Catfish aired on MTV. Dee Pimpin who portrayed herself as “Bow Wow” to win the heart of a chick named Keyonna, who she sent $10,000 too. On this episode “Dee” a lesbian rapper admits to not telling women that she herself is a female and goes on to say that her “lambskin dildo” feels real and the women don’t know the difference! Yea okay girl! …She definitely is taking advantage of this 5 minutes of fame, but i don’t blame her. I’m sure this is the last we’ve seen of her.


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