Holiday Season Blues…

Every year around this time I get a little antsy. I only have one child but the stress of trying to make sure he has the perfect holiday gets to me. I know it’s not about the gift giving, but in his eyes that’s all he looks forward too, growing up I did as well. It was also a time to spend time with my family or close friends. This year I took advantage of Toys R’ Us and Walmart’s lay-a-way. It started in October and will run through December. It was great for me because I am definitely the “last minute shopper.” This gave me time to get the must have’s a big gifts out the way. I also took advantage of the “Wish list” at Toys R’ Us. This is where they let the kids come in and get a scanner. They can go around the store and scan all the gifts they want. I can’t believe I just found out about it! It was exciting for him and takes some stress off of me getting the right gift! lol. I’m going to keep it simple this year though. I said no spending over $400. We’ll see how this goes. My tab is already up to $500, but $298 is my new laptop, yaah! =/

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