My Road to Broadcasting

I have always expressed that I wanted to be on television since I was a child. No one takes a child serious when they say this. So like most parents me saying this didn’t have much of an reaction.. Most parents want to hear that their child wants to be a doctor, lawyer, or even a police officer. I noticed early on that you just won’t get such an enthusiastic response to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and you answer “On television!” I look back at some of my papers from growing up and I always put I wanted to be a lawyer but that is furthest from the truth. I was/am a people pleaser. I wanted to make my family happy so the answer I gave was a generic one. This followed me all through school even after graduating high school. I decided a few years after I got my diploma that I would give the legal field a try. My family was ecstatic! I enrolled in a trade school “The Academy for Court Reporters” here in Cincinnati, Ohio. I initially enrolled for the court stenographer program but then changed my mind about 6 months into the program and switched over to the Paralegal program. I was excited about the new career path I was joining and just knew that there would be jobs lined up out the door once I completed. Boy! Was I wrong. I finished the program in 3 years even returned a week after having my son in my Senior year. I was so determined to finish and enter in the legal field even though at this point my heart wasn’t in it. I hate to start something and not finish so I pushed through. Soon after graduation I started looking for jobs and it was hard! Most law firms were downsizing at the time, cutting pay, or just doing there own work without the help of a Paralegal or legal secretary. I searched and searched until I got so frustrated that I started looking for any kind of work. I worked for a few years and that’s when I heard a commercial for The Ohio Center for Broadcasting, I thought that’s what I need to do! This is what I wanted! I enrolled in 2010 about 2 years after I completed my schooling to be a Paralegal and began my broadcasting journey. Everything was going good for about 6 months in I totaled my car and everything else started to unravel. It became impossible to get back and forth and I even lost my license. I tried switching to night classes but with work, school, interning, with being a full-time mother it all became to be too much. I took a break from school and just focused on home and work. The thought of missing an opportunity in broadcasting kept me trying and wanting to come back. It fell through numerous times but it never discouraged me, I knew that when the time was right I would be back in school and that much closer to my goal. That chance came in 2013. I came to a crossroad, my job was ending due to a contract that fell through and soon there after the opportunity was there. I had no excuses and all the time in the world to come back to school and finish what I started a few years earlier. I was laid off in May and I started back attending school in June! Although I felt bad about my job I felt this was meant to be. Ii could actually be living and working in my dream job instead of somewhere daydreaming about it everyday. I’m about halfway through the course again and even with the many obstacles I’m facing now I’m more determined to finish than before. My graduation date is June 2014 and that’s when I’ll really be able to step out into this world and see what I’m made of. I’m ready!!

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