Chipotle ~vs~ Those other restaurants

chipotle bowlburritochipotle

Americans has become so health conscious these days that it’s forcing restaurants to spill what’s in that juicy burger or mouth watering fries. Not good news for places like McDonald’s and Burger King since they still have food made with GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). Chipotle’s menu is partially free from it and says by 2014 end GMO will be a thing of the past! Whole Foods set a 2018 deadline for GMO labeling and General Mills announced that Cheerios cereal will be made with non-GMO corn and sugar. Chipotle is still a fast food chain and still not as healthy but they are ahead of everyone else as far as fast, fresh, delicious food. Also in the running are Panera Bread, Potbelly, and Starbuck’s. These food chains with their higher quality ingredients sets them apart from the rest have people comfortable with “eating out.” I fully expected to see Subway in the running but Nope! Not a mention of them or “The Jared Diet” (where is he btw?) hmmmm…. I guess eating fresh, is it not so fresh these days!

Ty’s Tea on Chipotle..

Personally I love Chipotle! I can say since I have been trying to watch what I put into my body and get into shape this is a place I will go to eat instead of a drive-thru burger joint. I like that I can see the cooks prepping and cooking my food. I still don’t like it sitting in those little metal trays open for the flies but whatev! I usually get a veggie bowl with sour cream and cheese just no meat and it is awesome sauce! I don’t mind Panera either this is another place I go to “instead of’ so hats off to them. I don’t really want to eat organisms anyway I’m like a millimeter away from being a vegetarian. lol.


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