Ty is now a Justin Bieber fan!!?

I get a tardy pass for just now listening and enjoying this song. Justin Bieber gets super sexy and wins me over smh. “Hold Tight” is like one of my new favorite songs! The fact that I have been playing this song on repeat for weeks and I’m just now finding out that it came out months ago makes me feel a way. The song clearly is stating that a woman’s “lips won’t let him go.” Now what lips he’s referring ut I’ve got a pretty good guess it’s not the ones on her face! Well all right then hunny! *clutches pearls* =/
I was inspired to head over to Justin Bierber’s VEVO to see what all the other beleiber’s are going crazy over and can you say that I was blown away! He has come a long way from his “baby, baby, baby Ohh!” days (my son loved this song when he was lillte and he actually still plays the album btw). He has definitely gained a new fan, now I don’t think I’m beleiber status yet but hey! It could happen! Another song that caught my eye on his VEVO was his song “Gas Pedal” 2014 remix f/ Sage the Gemini (seen below). Everybody knows when music comes on I turn into twerk central so yeea! This did that for me! Lets just say that I will have a Justin Bieber playlist and cd by tonight!


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