Cincinnati Author releases her 1st book!

Luxe Thompson

Transcendence Transcendence

Cincinnati Author Luxe Thompson releases her first book “Transcendence.” The book is about a character named Alexandra Hunt who is haunted by her past, but lives a content life working for a charitable organization and battling insomnia. Evan Ashe has it all. Well, almost. Finding someone to share his life with has become impossible. Will a not-so-chance meeting and fate bring them together or will a more powerful and scary force push them apart?

Luxe says. “I began writing seriously years ago but I never had the courage to finish and actually publish it for the public to read and hopefully enjoy. With kids, work, school, etc…life had it’s way of slowing me down. Over my winter break from classes last year, I sat down and I just started to write Transcendence. It’s about Alex who is a lot like me and Evan who has his own troubles depsite the fact that everyone thinks he has it all together Something neither of them understand brings them together. I think many of us have experienced these kind of “meetings” and with these characters and their pasts, we’ll see just how strong the force to keep them together is or isn’t.”

“Transcendence” is available on these great sites for $8.75 for paperback
Kindle download for $8.31 e-store for $10.28

Congrats and best of luck to you!!! I support anyone following or chasing their dream. =)


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