Boss Ass B!t@h!!!!!! <————— Have you heard this ish!

Soooo this past weekend I definitely didn’t expect to be sitting over my friends house after our kids had their Easter egg hunt to see this madness. This trio called PTAF has a song called “Boss Ass Bitch” and hunny it is not a joke!! the song or original video. I sat and stared at the t.v. for what seemed like forever to try and distinguish if it was a joke or not…….and it wasn’t! So I did a bit of research and as of 3 weeks ago they actually have a new visually pleasing version of this song. lol. Along with the buzz that they have gotten from the song since Nicki Minaj remixed it. You must watch all 3 versions to feel exactly what I was felt at that very moment when the original version was permanently burned into my retina! They came a long way to say the least, but even with the catchy chorus I cannot get past the appearance of the 3 girls! Just watch for yourselves then comment, like, and share! =)

Original video

Vevo version

Nicki Minaj Remix


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