Beyonce and Jay Z announce tour dates for “On The Run” Tour


Jayz and Beyoncé has the internet going crazy this morning releasing their tour dates for the “On The Run” tour. Now that all the speculation is put to rest now people can focus on if they are going to pay their rent or get tickets to the show =/. With the tickets starting at about 40 and topping off at about 280 I’m sure this will be one of the quickest selling shows in history. Here are the tour dates. I’m hoping to be at the Cincinnati or Atlanta show.

June 25: Miami, Fla.
June 28: Cincinnati, OH
July 1: Foxborough, Mass.
July 5: Philadelphia, Penn.
July 7: Baltimore, MD
July 9: Toronto, ONT
July 11: East Rutherford, New Jersey
July 15: Atlanta, Ga.
July 18: Houston, Texas
July 20: New Orleans, LA
July 22: Dallas, Texas
July 24: Chicago, Ill.
July 27: Winnipeg, MB
July 30: Seattle, WA
Aug. 2: Los Angeles Calif.
Aug. 5: San Francisco, Calif.


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