About Ty…..


Well my name is Tyesha Strickland. I’m a 29 year old Leo! The lioness… One of the most vibrant and outgoing signs in the zodiac. I’m a broadcasting student at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting. I’m a mother of a lively, rambunctious, handsome little boy and in a relationship with whom I believe is my soulmate. Life is great right now but there is one area where I am unfulfilled, my career. I’ve always been into the arts or drawn to it since a child so of course Television (acting) and radio (dancing) have always been passions of mine. I hope to be an on air host when I’m finished with school. My ultimate goal would be acting! I feel if you want something badly you should work towards that goal. For so many years I’ve conformed to what others felt I should be doing and that got me nowhere. Although I’ve started my journey later than others I feel that my future is bright. I’m excited for the things to come in the future. I’m interning with ICRC filming and editing high school games, concerts, and festivals as well as hosting an on air radio station every Friday with my school called CincyUnderground. With all these wonderful things in the midst I can’t help but smile. I’m overjoyed! The possibilities are endless. I will make sure I make the most of this experience.

To be continued….

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