Rob just gone eat everything and EVERYBODY huh?

PREMIUM EXCL Kris Jenner and Rob Kardashian still very overweight leaving for Paris

Poor Rob…. He just continues to get bigger and bigger and nobody is going to cut him any slack. Rob was spotted at LAX with Chris Jenner and was looking fluffier than ever. I loved Rob, he was such a cutie, here lately he has just been eating his emotions. I don’t have any issue with more cushion but in Hollywood this is a definite NO-NO! I wonder where he will go from here =/



look out for my girl/classmate Riah Bella on INTV, You did ya thing on the editing boo!

Riah Bella

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34 year old Woman poses as a High School Student

I really don’t know how this 34 year old woman posed as a high school student for 7 months without getting caught! I think it says a lot about the people and educators that are put in place to watch our children Charity Anne Johnson who was arrested this week enrolled herself into high school and she had everyone fooled from teachers, classmates and even the lady who took her in. Tamica Lincoln has been Johnson’s legal guardian since March and enrolled her in the school. She says she is dumbfounded, Johnson   I guess in their defense she really does look like a teenager! She is currently behind bars right now with a $500 bond. I’m still thinking the question here is why did she do it?

Here is her picture below.


Beyoncé and Jay-Z release “On The Run” Trailor

Beyoncé and Jay-Z releaser a Trailor for there upcoming tour kicking off the end of this month. Although this is not a real Trailor in sure fans everywhere wouldn’t mind watching it! Days after the incident in the elevator involving Jay and Beyoncé’s sister Solange didn’t seem to stop this power couple or their show.  Here is the 3 minute Trailor for the concert that has undoubtedly broken up happy homes and friendships this year.

Video credit YouTube


Footage of Solange attacking Jay Z after MET Gala

A surveillance camera allegedly caught a brawl in a elevator after The MET Gala in New York City. The video is inaudible but judging from the pictures it clearly looks like Jay, Bey, and Solange in the video. No statement has been released from anyone about the incident. You watch the video and you be the judge of who and what you think happened.

Video courtesy of TMZ

Here is a look of what they wore that night to reference to video. Like, Comment Share.

Solange Knowles

Jay Z and Beyonce



Donald Sterling Banned for life and Fined!!!



Donald Sterling received his punishment for the tapes released from his mistress V. Stiviano last week. Don Sterling is banned for life from Clippers games and fined 2.5 million. V. Stiviano released tapes of an conversation with Sterling about him being upset with her taking pictures with Magic Johnson. He also went on to say comments about how this is the culture we live in and demanding her not to bring black people to his games or take pictures with them on a social site. These racial comments caught up with him today and now he’s forced to pay the price. What are your thoughts?


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