Mimi Faust and her co-star Nikko speak out on sex tape…

Huffington Post states that Mimi and Nikko claim that they did noting wrong in making their sex tape “Scandal in Atlanta”

“Consenting adults in the privacy of our home is what we did” -Mimi

Yea. Okay girl! I don’t know how I feel about my vag being plastered across everyone’s flat screen but I might consider it for the money that they plan to bring home after sales. (don’t you dare judge me!). I for one have seen the tape in its entirety and I will say the preview that was leaked a week earlier was much better than the finished product! But hey I’m just a normal girl with a normal shower rod, I can’t be judging her!!!


Have you seen the preview??? If not view it here NSFW ———–> http://www.worldstaruncut.com/uncut/69339

Courtesy of WorldStarHipHop.com


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